Flexible Booking Policy

In recognition of the current environment, Adventure Canada is adjusting its cancellation terms for our travellers’ enhanced flexibility and security.

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The following terms are valid for expeditions operated by Adventure Canada. Select expeditions are run in conjunction with our travel partners and do not qualify for the following terms. A full list of excluded programs is noted below.**

Transfer Policy

From the time of booking until 121 days prior to your trip’s departure, it will be possible to transfer payments made to another expedition. Transfers are not permitted 120 days prior to departure or less. Cancellations are subject to Adventure Canada’s standard terms and conditions. All transfer requests must be received in writing and may be applied to any expedition offered by Adventure Canada.

Alternatively, travellers may select a Future Travel Credit to allow more time to select a new expedition. Whether opting for an immediate transfer or the Future Travel Credit, travel must be completed within thirty months of the original expedition departure date. $1,000 USD per person per trip is not refundable in cash and may only be utilized for a transfer or Future Travel Credit as outlined above.

Future Travel Credits and Terms of Their Use

A Future Travel Credit (FTC) may be applied as payment toward select expeditions offered by Adventure Canada**. Future Travel Credits must be redeemed, and travel completed, within thirty months of your original departure date.

Future Travel Credits may be applied to multiple trips and may be transferred to friends or family, subject to the same terms of use. All transfer requests must be received in writing.

FTCs are redeemable towards the following:

  • Berth costs on qualifying trips
  • Cabin upgrades on qualifying trips
  • Adventure Canada services, such as:
    • Pre- and post-expedition tours
    • Mid-expedition optional enhancements, such as kayaking
    • Prepaid gift shop credits

FTCs are not redeemable towards:

  • Berth costs or cabin upgrades on non-qualifying trips**
  • Third-party services outside of your set tour package, such as:
    • Hotels
    • Shipboard expenses
  • Cash value

If not redeemed within thirty months of your original departure date, the Future Travel Credit will expire, and no longer be valid for any purpose.

For full details about when travellers will receive a FTC due to a cancellation, please refer to section 5 of Adventure Canada's Terms and Conditions. Please note that cancellations by the client and by Adventure Canada are handled differently when it comes to receiving FTCs.

Please contact Adventure Canada or your travel advisor to redeem or inquire about the status of your FTC.

Excluded Programs

**Adventure Canada is a reseller for a select group of tour operators. As a result, some tours are exempt from our standard terms and conditions and do not qualify for Adventure Canada’s Transfer and Future Travel Credit Policy.

  • Baffin Island Walrus & Bowhead Whales 
  • Baffin Island Floe Edge 
  • Birding the High Arctic & Northwest Territories 
  • Keele River by Canoe 
  • Bears of Churchill Town and Tundra Enthusiast 
  • Belugas, Bears, and Blooms 
  • Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Explorer 
  • Antarctic Whale Journey
  • Journey to the Circle (Antarctica)

**Separate terms and conditions apply for redemption of FTCs toward Antarctica departures. Contact Adventure Canada or your travel advisor for details.