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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge


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  • Muskox

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    Search for plentiful Arctic wildlife

    Witness and photograph iconic wildlife in their natural habitats. Observe playful beluga whales in turquoise waters and have the chance to see polar bears, muskoxen, Arctic foxes, and plentiful bird life.

  • Kyaking on the arctic ocean

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    Hike, paddle, or bike through incredible scenery

    Explore at the pace and style of your choice with a variety of daily activity options. Hiking and mountain biking through incredible Arctic landscapes or kayaking in clear waters are options for your choosing.

  • ATVs and Unimogs ride on Arctic tundra

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    Travel in rugged comfort

    ATVs and Unimogs allow you to travel long distances along the tundra to visit waterfalls, canyons, and badlands.

  • Fishing at inukshuk lake

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    Fish for a prized catch

    Enjoy catching and releasing rich Arctic char at beautiful Inukshuk Lake.

  • Outdoor site interpretation gests watching at belugas

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    Learn more about local archaeology, geology, flora, and fauna from expert guides

    Quench your thirst for knowledge by learning even more about the incredible regions you travel to. Receive engaging interpretation on every excursion and attend entertaining and informative evening programming back at the lodge.