Expedition Cruise

Antarctic Peninsula

  • February 4 to February 15, 2020

From $12,995 to $22,795 USD

Single Supplement: Not available

Flights: Not available

Antarctica Penguins


The great southern continent is the only place on the planet with no history of habitation. Antarctica remains an unspoiled wilderness.

Our twelve-day Antarctic Peninsula voyage offers unparalleled wildlife viewing, plus unique opportunities to engage with science and exploration history.

While human habitation is minimal, Antarctica’s wildlife is famously abundant. Seabirds, seals, and whales are the true rulers of the earth’s wildest realm!

Antarctic Peninsula Map For 2020


  • Experience the wildlife of the Southern Ocean

    Antarctica’s remoteness has protected its wildlife, from penguins, to leopard seals, to whales, which thrive in abundance undisturbed by hunting or harvesting.

    Antarctica Whale Icebergs
  • See scientists at work at an Antarctic research base

    Human habitation in Antarctica is limited, largely to those doing research or exploration there. Pay a visit to working scientists exploring the remote frontiers of the human experience.

    Antarctic Research Scientists
  • Cross the mighty southern continent off your bucket list

    For those who have “been there, done that”, Antarctica remains the last great frontier. Experience the awe of mighty icebergs; the thrill of spotting whales from a Zodiac; and the unparalleled opportunities for photography only the Southern Continent provides!

    Antarcitca Photography

Travellers’ Testimonials

  • “I cannot speak highly enough about the staff.”

    Kathleen Henry-Parisi

    Out of the Northwest Passage

  • “This was an exceptionally well-managed and consistently stimulating adventure.”

    Margaret Maloney

    Heart of the Arctic

  • “I was travelling alone, so I really appreciated how warm and welcoming everyone was. There was an impressive group of experts on board, and their enthusiasm was contagious.”

    Alma Beard

    Greenland and Wild Labrador

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