Arctic Safari 2016
Arctic Safari 2016
Arctic Safari 2016
Arctic Safari 2016

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Our classic Arctic expedition begins by exploring Greenland’s dramatic fjords and dynamic maritime communities. The great icefjord at Ilulissat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and source of the majority of the icebergs in the North Atlantic, is one of many highlights along Greenland’s spectacular western coastline.

Across the Davis Strait in Nunavut, the Canadian Arctic experience begins in Qikiqtarjuaq (Broughton Island). As we head north, opportunities for polar bear, whales, and musk ox abound on Devon Island, while Prince Leopold Island remains one of Canada’s best birding areas. Abandoned rcmp and hbc posts offer a haunting glimpse into the region’s rich history of exploration and trade.

At Beechey Island, we’ll pay our respects at the graves of three of Sir John Franklin’s men, along with a crewmember from the search ship Investigator. Our disembarkation point, Resolute Bay, memorializes the courage of the Inuit of Canada’s Arctic.

This itinerary represents Adventure Canada’s definitive approach to expedition travel and we will spend our days searching for every exploratory opportunity. It is our most wildlife-oriented expedition. In the winding fjords of Greenland, in the multitudinous islands of Nunavut, we will live and breathe the natural history of some of the planet’s most striking features. We will search for the animals that eke out their lives in hostile conditions and find beauty in the immense and indomitable north.

This itinerary features some French programming.

day 1
Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
day 2
day 3
day 4
Uummannaq Fjord
day 5
Karrat Fjord
day 6
Qikiqtarjuaq (Broughton Island)
day 7
Niqinganiq (Isabella Bay)
day 8
Northeast Baffin Fjords
day 9
Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)
day 10
Devon Island
day 11
Prince Leopold / Beechey Islands
day 12
Quasuittuq (Resolute), NU

Sondre Stromfjord is one of the longest fjords in the world and boasts 168 kilometres of superb scenery. Kangerlussuaq, the town at its eastern head, means ‘the big fjord.’

We begin our adventure by sailing down this dramatic fjord as the sun sets before us.

Arctic Safari Map
Aug. 4, 2016 - Aug. 15, 2016 - Click on cabin category for ship deckplan

All prices are per person, in US Dollars (USD) unless specified otherwise, and are cash or cheque discounted.

  • 1

    $5795.00   Deck four. Interior cabin, four lower berths, private bath

  • 2

    $6795.00   Deck four. Interior cabin, three lower berths, private bath

  • 3

    $8195.00   Deck five. Interior cabin, two lower berths, private bath

  • 4

    $9495.00   Deck four, porthole window, two lower berths, private bath

  • 5

    $10695.00   Deck five, picture window, two lower berths, private bath

  • 6

    $11895.00   Deck seven and eight, picture windows (obstructed view), two lower berth OR matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator

  • 7

    $13095.00   Deck eight, large picture window (partial obstruction), two lower berths, private bath, refrigerator

  • 7

    $13095.00   Deck five, picture window, two lower berths, private bath

  • 8

    $14395.00   Deck five and seven, picture window, two lower berths, private bath, refrigerator

  • 9

    $15695.00   Deck five and seven, picture window, two lower berths, private bath

  • 10

    $16995.00   Deck seven, picture window, two lower berths, private bath, refrigerator

    Please add Discovery Fund Fee - Arctic Safari fee of $250.00 to above prices

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What's Included

  • The expertise and company of our expedition staff
  • Onboard educational presentations
  • Interactive workshops, evening entertainment
  • All shipboard meals, including on deck barbeques & afternoon tea, 24-hour coffee, tea and snacks
  • Hors d’ouevres & snacks during evening recaps
  • 24-hour documentary and film programming
  • Fully stocked library

  • Introductions to local people and customs
  • Sightseeing
  • Museum entries, park accesses, port taxes
  • Access to pristine wilderness areas
  • Zodiac tours and cruises
  • On-site archaeology workshops
  • Community programming: local performances, presentations, and demonstrations

    What's Not Included

  • Commercial flights 

  • Mandatory medical/evacuation insurance

  • Personal expenses

  • Additional expenses in the event of delays or itinerary changes

  • Discretionary gratuities to ship's crew (approximately $15 per passenger per day)

  • Visas (if required)
  • Physician's fees confirming you are fit to travel

  • Any medical charges incurred while aboard
  • Possible fuel surcharges

  • $250 USD Discovery Fund Fee

    Charter Flights

    Toronto, ON to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
    August 4, 2016
    Early morning departure
    $1,267 USD per person inclusive of all taxes and fees

    Resolute, NU to Ottawa, ON
    August 15, 2016
    Early evening arrival
    $928 USD per person inclusive of all taxes and fees

    Round trip:
    $2,195 USD per person inclusive of taxes and fees
    Pre and post hotel nights in Toronto and Ottawa are available upon request.
    Overnight accommodation in Toronto and Ottawa recommended.

    • Search for bears, whales and walrus in their Arctic feeding grounds
    • Learn first-hand about the history and culture of the Inuit
    • Voyage along the magnificent fjords of Greenland’s coast
    • Explore Niqinganiq in Isabella Bay, an Inuit-organized bowhead whale sanctuary
    • Cross the Arctic Circle by sea